Business relationships resemble personal relationships in many ways. However, the rules of most personal relationships are governed by an unwritten code. Business relationships, on the other hand, are often governed by written contracts which outline the terms of the arrangement, and how a contract dispute may come to an amicable end. A written contract creates a legally binding agreement wherein either party has the right to enforce the obligations and restrictions of the contract, or face the legal repercussions.

Contract Building Blocks


The basic tenants of any contract or business agreement will include the following:


  • Representations and Warranties

  • Covenants

  • Conditions precedent

  • Remedial provisions

  • Definitions


The format of the contract will largely depend on the type of agreement. Business law attorneys will be well versed in the general contract provisions and will rely on you to fill in the details about the arrangement. Contract law has evolved over hundreds of years to provide both parties with protections that are deeply embedded in the recitals and paragraphs of the agreement.

We assist clients in negotiating, drafting and navigating the following contracts and agreements:

Real Estate



Renewal Options

Options to Purchase

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Mergers and Acquisitions

Real Estate

Assets and Stock

Due Diligence

Research Title




and more



Professional Services Agreements

Independent Contractors


Medical Services
Technology & Software

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