When you're buying or selling real estate -- either commercial or residential -- having an experienced attorney in your corner can make the process go a lot more smoothly.


Commercial Real Estate


We can handle commercial real estate transactions of all sizes -- from the smallest vacant lot to the biggest skyscraper.


We work hard to understand our clients' business needs as well as their legal needs, and to make sure that deals close favorably and on time.


Residential Real Estate


Buying and selling residential real estate can be stressful. A home is probably the biggest investment you'll ever make. Having an experienced local lawyer on your team can help you avoid risks and cope with any problems that arise.


Due Diligence


"Due diligence" means doing your homework when buying property.

It means retaining competent professionals to perform various inspections to determine whether the property has any physical or “material” defects and whether there are any problems with the chain of title or liabilities attached to the property.


A real estate deal isn't final until it's final, and as a buyer, you may discover problems and risks that will make you want to back out. It's always better to know about problems before you sign or purchase, rather than hoping for the best. You may be able to get the seller to fix problems, or to reduce the sales price to reflect the decreased value of the property.


Title Issues


One risk when buying property (and a major headache when selling property) is a defect in the title.


Title problems can include:


  • errors in the property records

  • liens

  • illegal deeds in the chain of title

  • easements

  • boundary and survey disputes

  • judgments against property owner(s)


We help clients research, insure and solve title problems like these.




When a lien is clouding the title to a property, we can help clients remove it. This may involve research, negotiation, and (rarely) litigation.




Most people and businesses need financing when buying real property, whether it's commercial or residential.


Increasingly, commercial real estate deals involve sophisticated financing arrangements.


With residential property, given the rate of foreclosures in recent years, consumers are rightfully wary of getting in over their heads. Lenders have become more cautious as well.


We help guide our clients through the financing process. We make sure all the paperwork is handled properly and that clients fully understand their obligations.




When you're selling real estate, you're required by law to make a series of disclosures about the history and condition of the property.


For a commercial property, you may need to disclose the presence of toxic substances used at the location, as well as structural and other issues.


For a residential property, you're required to disclose known “material defects” like the presence of lead paint, a failing septic system or a leaking roof.


Failing to make complete and accurate disclosures can lead to litigation and serious legal repercussions.


We advise clients on how to comply with all relevant disclosure laws.




Unfortunately, real estate transactions do sometimes turn into legal disputes. We can often help clients negotiate with the other side and avoid litigation. We can pursue alternative dispute resolution options such as arbitration. And if there's no other way to resolve a dispute, we can represent our real estate clients in court.


If you're planning a real estate purchase or sale, or if you've already started the process and realize you need help, contact us today.

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