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Mergers & Acquisitions

Buying and Selling Businesses
We have over 30 years of experience assisting buyers and sellers with stock purchases and sales, asset purchases and sales, due diligence reviews, collateral and security agreements, promissory notes and guaranties and other business and commercial matters.  Our office will assist you regardless of what role you play in the transaction, and we will advise you on the inherent issues with the sale or the purchase of a business.
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The sale or purchase of a business typically involves tangible assets (equipment, receivables) as well as intangible assets such as intellectual property, goodwill, customer lists, websites and domain names. 


Careful consideration must be given to the allocation of the purchase price, assets and liabilities included and excluded, accounts receivable and payable, payment of the purchase price and any financing, collateral and security agreements, representations and warranties of buyer and seller and deposits and defaults.  One of the main points of any purchase and sale agreement involves the due diligence process.  Due diligence inquiries will allow the purchaser to ask detailed questions of the seller and obtain records regarding the entity structure, financial history, licensing and legal matters.  The impact of these answers could influence the structure of the purchase and sale agreement, as well as the valuation of the business entity itself. 

Buying and Selling

Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Having an experienced real estate attorney on your team throughout the process provides invaluable benefits and protection to you as the buyer or seller
Commercial Real Estate


Buying commercial real estate is a significant investment. There are many complexities and intricate details that are unique to commercial real estate, as well as potential significant liabilities.  

We assist buyers and sellers of commercial real estate with the following:

  • Negotiating and drafting of Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Title issues including easement, encroachments, judgments and restrictions

  • Financing and Lender Requirements (guarantees, collateral, restrictions on other borrowing)

  • Due Diligence (environmental, financial, legal)

  • Title Insurance

  • Deeds and Title to Property

  • Deposits and Escrow Agreements

  • Default and Termination

  • Closing and Post-Closing issues

  • Having an experienced real estate attorney on your team throughout the process provides invaluable benefits and protection to you as the buyer or seller.

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Residential Housing Complex
Residential Real Estate


Buying or selling your home is a major transaction.  We assist residential buyers and sellers with this process as follows:

  • Reviewing exclusive and other contracts with brokers and agents

  • Reviewing and advising as to Seller Disclosure Laws

  • Reviewing and advising as to mortgages and loans

  • Reviewing and recommending title insurance coverage

  • Negotiating and preparing Purchase and Sale Agreements and Amendments

  • Assisting with home inspection issues

  • Assisting with title issues such as easements and encroachments

  • Default and Termination of the Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • Reviewing and advising as to Condominium and Homeowner Association Documents

  • Pursuing and defending sellers for failure to disclose material defects.  



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